Life seemed more simple. The WWII generation set up a modern society that seemed to be working pretty well. Still room for improvement, but mostly, things seemed to be up and running.


Random thoughts:

Does drug reform mean yielding the right of way to those who want to camp on the sidewalk?

Rock bands and celebrities had access to hard drugs in the 60s and 70s. They were not camping on the sidewalk.


June 15 2023 Gary Galles

Call Rent Control What It Really Is: Theft

“In other words, rent control guarantees that current renters in a municipality can vote themselves huge benefits out of the outnumbered owners’ pockets.”


In the news:

Dec 23rd 2020 KOMO News

Gov. Inslee extends state’s eviction moratorium

“Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has again extended the state’s eviction moratorium, this time through the end of March.”

Killing incentives to maintain apartment complexes and homes for rent. Killing incentives to pay rent on time. Killing incentives to be a good tenant.

Love to see newspeople ask:

Have any arrangements been made to cover property owner’s costs for mortgages, taxes, repairs, maintenance, water, trash pickup, sewer, insurance, etc.

Who pays to have the apartment complex dumpster emptied if the property manager cannot collect rent?

Killing Incentives in WA

I do not want to live in a residential neighborhood where junk cars are moved in next door after the property is purchased. Local code says the junk cars can not be there. County will not act to remove junk cars. What is the answer? The video above seems to be OK with whatever the property owner wants to do with their place.

COVID seems to be over, but fast food places can not hire enough people to keep the lobby open, even in busy areas. I do not understand why this is the case. Help wanted signs seem to be up for various types of jobs, not just minimum wage openings.

Ongoing Breakdown of Society

June 20, 2023 The Seattle Times

WA ferry service on several routes won’t return to normal this year


June 23, 2023 KING TV News Video

Assaults, harassment cause crackdown in Edmonds ferry line


Not sure if these are still closed. Not a great way to honor the WWII generation.

Closed – WA Interstate 5 Rest Areas






Photo- New Day at Port Hadlock