I normally do not take much of an interest in who is running for Governor here in WA.

This year is different.

Here is why I will vote against the current Governor:

Pulling the Washington State Patrol back and placing public safety at risk by yielding to protests on I-5.

Public Safety Deal Breaker

Washington State Patrol yields the right of way to protests on I-5.

July 5, 2020 KIRO 7

Death of I-5 protester sparks end of nighttime freeway protests

“But the Washington State Patrol looked the other way, even setting up barriers during the nearly three weeks of nighttime protests on the freeway.”

After enabling criminal conduct, WSP will no longer enable criminal conduct:

“Blocking a freeway is a crime and no longer are we going to enable that criminal conduct to continue,” said State Patrol Capt. Ron Mead, who made the decision to no longer close the interstate. “We are not going to be allowing protesters to access the freeway unimpeded, and there are consequences for criminal conduct.”

State Patrol had shut down the interstate 19 nights in a row in response to protests, said Capt. Mead, who oversees the agency’s district that includes King County. For weeks, troopers operated in response to protesters’ movements, shutting down a stretch of the interstate when it looked as if protesters would enter the roadway.”


Public Safety/Routine Stuff

WSP knows that more people are out drinking and driving during the holidays. WSP gets involved to promote public safety before lives are lost.

Why did protests on I-5 go on for 19 nights?

Where are the Washington State Patrol resignations?


Governor Inslee looks the other way when WSP allows protests on I-5. Or he directs them to back off?

The Governor makes a priority of telling the people of WA that they may not order a beer after 10 p.m.


I would prefer that state and local authorities maintain public safety.

When they fail, or don’t even seem to try, it is understandable that people would want the federal government to get involved.


Washington State Patrol – Complete Failure

I Can’t Vote For This


Marijuana and telling people they must stay home from work

Governor Inslee also went wrong when marijuana shops in WA were declared essential while people with regular jobs were told to stay home because of virus concerns.


May 12th, 2020

The construction project wasn’t delayed by the coronavirus pandemic; it was considered essential since it was state funded.”

Got it.

The state took money from some people, and gave it to some other people.

If your construction crew is working on a project based on any sort of voluntary exchange or honest demand for services, you might have to stay home for a while.


Whidbey Island

Late March, 2020

Pizza delivery, marijuana and booze sales roll on as government agencies phase out access and services.

Concealed Carry Processing Suspended

Random Thoughts – COVID-19 Concerns


Information Suppression

KTTH Aug 30, 2020

Rantz: Gov Inslee refuses in-person debate with Republican Culp


Separate from Governor inslee:

Glorification of military service / total nonsense:

WA Secretary of State

Our right to vote has always been protected by the brave men and women who serve in our Armed Forces.”

If a right to vote has always been protected by the brave men and women who serve in our Armed Forces, how come women were not allowed full voting rights at the end of WWI?

Why the need for a 1965 Voting Rights Act if overseas military operations somehow secured voting rights?

If a right to vote is protected by the US Armed Forces, what becomes of that right when the US leaves Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Vietnam, Afghanistan, etc., without a victory?

Men Died For the Right to Vote?

Right To Vote Linked To Military Operations/US Troops in Distant Lands?


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