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Every day now- there is talk of new fees, taxes, closing schools, shutting down parts of the government, etc.

Narrows toll rise likely to be 25 cents

Gas tax hike

North Kitsap School District to close an elementary school

Car tab, bike fees part of House transport package

Shipyard could lose seasonal workers to budget constraints

TOM PHILPOTT | Military cuts ‘catastrophic’ for civilians

DOD partial shutdown-

Panetta notifies Congress of possible furloughs


Your system ain’t working folks.

Not too long ago- it was election season & we heard much talk about clean energy, jobs, the economy, etc.

How is it possible to take elected officials seriously on this?


Instant, non-experimental jobs program/revenue generator requiring zero tax dollars-

Allow U.S. farmers to answer the global demand for Industrial Hemp.


I know hemp will not solve all problems. I know there have been some attempts to move forward with legalization, but mostly hemp seems to be seen as scary and controversial.

How bad do things get before politicians consider allowing people to go with free enterprise?


Career politicians- elected by both major parties- speak of their jobs programs & initiatives to deal with clean energy & the economy as their system collapses. Politicians standing in the way of hemp cultivation have no credibility.


We do not live in a free & honest society folks.



Clean energy manipulation



Photo- Fort Worden, Port Townsend, WA


You are free to do as we tell you.

Bill Hicks


Surely- people must be controlled with licenses, permits, permissions, inspections, certificates, authorizations, fees, directives and mandates.

How else could we be safe?

Medical marijuana: ‘Medibles’ industry thrives, lacks safety regulations


American culture has a freedom fetish. It brags about freedom anytime federal holidays or overseas military operations are in the news, while insisting on controlling peaceful & voluntary adult behavior.


Could people rely on each other or on private organizations to monitor quality control?

Gardens help fill shelves at food banks

“Contributions come from small farms, community pea patches and backyard planting boxes.”


I am not out to do away with certifications, but business owners should be free to opt out.

This concept is already at work in the case of organic farms that go with organic protocols except for the time, expense and paperwork required for government certification.

Raw milk is another example.

ULConsumer Reports, and AAA are examples of private organizations that work to monitor safety and performance of consumer products and services.

Washington State may not be such a great leader in terms of health standards anyway. Soap is always present on Washington State ferries. In Washington State Parks, it is common to find no soap in the restrooms. People live in parks for days at a time, prepare food, host reunions and attempt to teach children proper hygene habits.


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Rush Hour- Port Townsend


3,000 gallons of diesel spill in Interbay train yard


Much election year talk about clean energy, jobs, the economy, etc.

Leaky rail cars and overturned trucks transporting hemp to processing facilities don’t require a toxic waste/Hazmat response.


Instant, non-experimental jobs program/revenue generator requiring zero tax dollars-

Allow U.S. farmers to answer the global demand for Industrial Hemp.



Photo- Fort Worden, Port Townsend, WA


Preserving a free society, free markets, free trade, private property rights, & a minimal bureaucracy where violent SWAT raids are used to go after adults who want to peacefully grow a marijuana plant in the back yard.


Democrats are A-OK with the violent SWAT raids too- they just talk less about personal responsibility, individual liberty, constitutional principles, smaller, limited government, free enterprise, private property rights, etc.


Tax money- which some people intend to be used to help others via public assistance programs– also goes for a Fake War on Terror, corporate bailouts, $60 billion in DOD contracting fraud & abuse, subsidies to government favored businesses, bombing Libya, violent SWAT raids on peaceful homeowners who may casually use marijuana, federal grants for law enforcement checkpoints, & ongoing National Guard deployments to distant lands- absent any military emergency, draft, or declaration of war.

Helping others by donating to churches or private charities, food banks, etc. can avoid these conflicts.

Donors are free to opt out if a charity misbehaves.

Maybe cutting out some of the unnecessary stuff the federal government involves itself in would ease the strain on medical programs, building roads and bridges, etc.

People could keep more of their own money to donate to causes of their choosing if the federal government was not taking it to pay for $2.4 billion in aid to Pakistan, $4 billion a year to support the Afghan army after 2014, etc.