Preserving a free society, free markets, free trade, private property rights, & a minimal bureaucracy where violent SWAT raids are used to go after adults who want to peacefully grow a marijuana plant in the back yard.


Democrats are A-OK with the violent SWAT raids too- they just talk less about personal responsibility, individual liberty, constitutional principles, smaller, limited government, free enterprise, private property rights, etc.


Tax money- which some people intend to be used to help others via public assistance programs– also goes for a Fake War on Terror, corporate bailouts, $60 billion in DOD contracting fraud & abuse, subsidies to government favored businesses, bombing Libya, violent SWAT raids on peaceful homeowners who may casually use marijuana, federal grants for law enforcement checkpoints, & ongoing National Guard deployments to distant lands- absent any military emergency, draft, or declaration of war.

Helping others by donating to churches or private charities, food banks, etc. can avoid these conflicts.

Donors are free to opt out if a charity misbehaves.

Maybe cutting out some of the unnecessary stuff the federal government involves itself in would ease the strain on medical programs, building roads and bridges, etc.

People could keep more of their own money to donate to causes of their choosing if the federal government was not taking it to pay for $2.4 billion in aid to Pakistan, $4 billion a year to support the Afghan army after 2014, etc.