Not here to say that military benefits are inadequate. Just stick with whatever was offered when people signed up to stay on for multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and we’re good.

Plenty of cash for Ukraine, more DOD funding than ever, and here is what you get:

In the news:

Nov 2, 2023 KING 5 News

Military cuts insurance at critically needed birthing center in Poulsbo

“The U.S. military’s Tricare insurance is no longer covering services at Poulsbo’s True North Birth Center, effectively immediately in Kitsap County, where there is a critical shortage of birthing centers.”

“The reason for the change is still unclear…”

“We are licensed by the State Department of Health. This is the strictest state to become a licensed midwife in. Our education and clinical experience that are needed to become licensed is equivalent to certified nurse midwives,” Jones argued.

“She said military families will now have to apply for Medicaid or pay out of pocket. 40% of the babies born at her clinic are from military families, and moms may bear the brunt of Tricare’s decision.”

“Requests for comment to Tricare have not yet been returned.”

Reality Check

Thousands of American families have had a loved one in the regular or reserve US Armed Forces who did one or more tours in Iraq or Afghanistan. National Guard too.

If we can just get the veterans, parents and grandparents of the USA to recommend an enlistment to the young family members in their life, things will be looking up.

The US Dept of Defense spent the last 30 years squandering prestige and credibility overseas and at home.

Some Americans may be asking:

Did the advantage of US air power allow the undeclared wars in Iraq or Afghanistan to be prevented, won or shut down?

US jet aircraft have been able to strike targets in what wars won by the US?

Currently serving four-star officers and high level DOD civilians have been associated with what wars won by the US?

Has dressing women to look like men had any positive or negative impact on recruiting?

If DOD was an NFL team, sports talk radio would feature comments like:

The Dept. of Defense was nowhere to be found on 911. We haven’t won a war since.

Decades after the lessons of Vietnam, it feels like the politicians, four-star officers and high level DOD civilians who run the Pentagon specialize in undeclared/unwon wars. The DOD brand has been wrecked.

Any college or pro football coach would have been fired a dozen times over for what DOD has done with the US Armed Forces during the fake GWOT era.

There has been a big stir over a blocked senior military promotion system. TV newspeople will avoid interviewing people who offer up a voice of dissent. Stalling the administrative steps to promote top level officers might lead to what? Decades of undeclared/unwon wars? A giant Dept. of Defense that was nowhere to be found on 911?

Why would high level promotions be awarded to people who are part of the system that allowed The Troops to live in the barracks described below?

Sept 25, 2023 MOAA

Military Barracks Blasted Over Horrid Living Conditions, Lack of Accountability


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The country struggles with:

Cultural Honesty


Possibly of interest:

Below, are some random thoughts and questions newspeople will not ask. Our questions appear in bold type.

Was It A Fake War On Terror?


How Do The Troops Defend The Constitution?

Not asking about the oath of enlistment. Asking about what happens after the oath has been taken.

Love to see newspeople interview elected officials and let us know how sending US Troops to Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, etc., is somehow defending the constitution.

Look for newspeople and school teachers to ask zero questions in these areas.

Veterans Day Nonsense







A symbol of various Support The Troops federal holidays.

A giant flag ritual at the next ball game will make it all good.