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Nov 1, 2023

Army apologizes for sending soldiers ‘last-minute’ recruiting orders

“…sudden need emerged when the Army discovered it faced a recruiter shortfall due to “errors” in its forecasted recruiter strength — the three-star claimed the unspecified forecasting failures “have been fixed.” He declined to link the shortfall to Recruiting Command’s ongoing purge of non-performing recruiters, but rather attributed it to a multitude of factors including “an uptick in no-shows” at the Army Recruiting College.”

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Two recruiters shown here speaking with a top prospect for 2023.

Decades after the lessons of Vietnam, it feels like the politicians, four-star officers and high level DOD civilians who run the Pentagon specialize in undeclared/unwon wars. The DOD brand has been wrecked.

Any college or pro football coach would have been fired a dozen times over for what DOD has done with the US Armed Forces during the fake GWOT era.

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Army Times By Davis Winkie

Nov 1, 2023 Army secretary tours Fort Eisenhower homes after Senate probe, audits

Army Secretary Christine Wormuth:

“…Wormuth spoke with officials from Balfour Beatty, the private company that administers family housing at Eisenhower, as well as local leaders including the installation’s commander, Maj. Gen. Paul Stanton, and Col. Reggie Evans, the garrison commander.”

Balfour Beatty’s military housing practices, including falsified maintenance records, led it to plead guilty to criminal fraud allegations and settle a federal lawsuit in 2021. The company’s Fort Eisenhower housing arm — then known as Fort Gordon Homes — also received scrutiny from Sen. Jon Ossoff, D-Ga., and his Senate investigative panel. In the investigation’s wake, the Army did its own internal investigation and stopped paying performance bonuses to the contractor.”

1969 – Man On The Moon

2023 – Military barracks inside the US that are unfit to live in.

Plenty of cash for Ukraine, more DOD funding than ever, and here is what you get:

Sept 25, 2023 MOAA

Military Barracks Blasted Over Horrid Living Conditions, Lack of Accountability

“The GAO concluded that leaders at the Pentagon are not only failing to provide oversight — instead choosing to largely punt the issue to the branches — but they also don’t consider it a priority. The result has been bureaucratic finger-pointing, with no one office or leader willing to own the issue.”

Anybody fired over this?

Where is the Cold War era Sergeant Major or First Sergeant who would have raised hell to take care of The Troops. Are they encouraging the young people they know to sign up today? The guys that did a couple tours in Iraq or Afghanistan- are they sending young family members down to enlist?

There has been a big stir over a blocked senior military promotion system. TV newspeople will avoid interviewing people who offer up a voice of dissent. Stalling the administrative steps to promote top level officers might lead to what? Decades of undeclared/unwon wars? A giant Dept. of Defense that was nowhere to be found on 911?

Why would high level promotions be awarded to people who are part of the system that allowed The Troops to live in the barracks described below?

Sept 25, 2023 MOAA

Military Barracks Blasted Over Horrid Living Conditions, Lack of Accountability

Oct 15, 2023 Task & Purpose

Army general says moldy barracks are a ‘discipline problem’

WWII costume reminds us of a time before decades of undeclared/unwon wars stacked up.

The Department of Defense track record goes back to 1949.


If we can just get the veterans, parents and grandparents of the USA to recommend an enlistment to the young family members in their life, things will be looking up.


Military families no longer recommend an enlistment:

Hey four-star officers, high level DOD civilians, policy think tanks and newspeople everywhere:

Thousands of young, intelligent and athletic young Americans participate in college athletics each year. Certainly, they would qualify to enlist. No photos of them for your public recruiting promotions and events?


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Below, are some random thoughts and questions newspeople will not ask. Our questions appear in bold type.

Was It A Fake War On Terror?


How Do The Troops Defend The Constitution?

Not asking about the oath of enlistment. Asking about what happens after the oath has been taken.

Love to see newspeople interview elected officials and let us know how sending US Troops to Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, etc., is somehow defending the constitution.

Look for newspeople and school teachers to ask zero questions in these areas.

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