Photo- Plt 3049 MCRD SD September, 1979

I am from the last century.

I try to think of myself and others as individuals, rather than as members of a group.

Today, American popular and political culture insists on dividing people up into groups, then assigning a separate value to each group.

I went to USMC boot camp after high school in 1979. One of the best parts of my time in the Marine Corps was living and working with people from all 50 states, some foreign countries and every color under the sun. Women and people of color were frequently my bosses at the officer and enlisted level.

In the 90s, I was aware that you could head over to the daycare facility at any military base and see kids of all colors playing together without any regard for what color they are, or what color their Mom or Dad is.

Interracial marriage was quite common. People were family oriented and loving their kids.

This good news about loving families will not show up on the TV.

Those Moms and Dads will not be interviewed for a TV news story related to any of this.

Random thoughts:

Did race issues become better or worse after President Obama completed 8 years in the White House?

America now seems very much about identity politics. Since American culture prefers to identify individuals based on their family heritage & color of skin, do black mayors and chiefs of police have a better record for controlling violence and police abuse in their cities?

Do women who are mayors and chiefs of police have a better record?

Has there ever been any news reporting on this?

Individual rights and de-escalation of police encounters should be taught and understood as a requirement for high school graduation.


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