I’m thinking back to maybe the 1980s. I am thinking of a guy who is a Democrat. He works in an auto plant somewhere in Ohio, Michigan or Indiana. He is a member of a union. His union supports the Democratic Party and the party supports his union.

When he is not at work, he enjoys towing his boat to the lake to go fishing. He enjoys deer hunting, camping, and tailgating at college & pro football games. He is a family man. He likes to fix up old cars.

Sounds like somebody I could get along with.


There is a perception that democrats today may be OK with rioting. They hate the police, or maybe they are just OK with a political party where some do. They want to get rid of cars powered by internal combustion engines. They predict worst-case scenarios related to climate change. They believe you should turn in your guns. A bbq grill, like a Weber probably isn’t a good idea because it will add to a carbon footprint. Ditto for campfires.

Maybe I have it all wrong. Maybe the people who support the Democratic Party fully reject riots, arson, mob violence, causing personal injuries, blocking traffic, property damage, and destruction of businesses and loss of life during protests.

Today, both major parties will not fight about:

Undeclared/unwon wars that never end, wasteful Homeland Security spending, the drug war, federal prohibition of marijuana, treating 18-20 year old adults as 2nd class citizens, an ongoing glorification of military service, and newspeople who take a pass on asking questions on these issues.


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