Over the past 20 years, I have spent a huge amount of time on the web with news and politics. Commenting, blogging, posting, sharing, commenting. It was taking up a chunk of my life. Time to move to a better place.

I plan to focus now on more positive themes. They have already been a part of my life, but now there will be more space for them. The more positive activities and images to go with them may show up in the categories and style of posts below.

Happy Hours – Out and about with dogs in the PNW

At the Beach

Coastal Live Cams

A Small Nonprofit Rescued & Adopted Cat Daycare Center That Is Always Open

Camping and Related Memories

Cast Iron



Photo at top of page:

Hill Road

Local info: Two Bluff Trails


I pulled the plug on news and politics at 11:14 on 6/5/22