Almost purchased a six pack of Ninkasi Total Domination IPA in bottles. Could not find any date on the package indicating when it was bottled.

I prefer the bottled on, rather than the enjoy before, date format.

Some breweries ( Georgetown Brewing Co and Fremont Brewing ) are very good at showing an easy to find and easy to read date that reveals when the can or bottle was filled with ale. These are the brews I bring home.


Pet Peeve:

Beer websites have an honor system these days. You must make up an over 21 birth date in order to study brewery offerings. Underage people who desire to view a brewery web site will be stopped by all this?

We drank underage for years with no help whatsoever from the internet.

Back in the old days-each of the 50 states was free to set its own drinking age. It was legal to drink as a teen in some states.

Went to high school in Kitsap County in the late 70s.

We started drinking when we were about 15.

Fake IDs (completely fake-not made to look like anything real) worked about 50% of the time to buy beer.

We never went without since about age 15.

Making mention of these memories is not to defend operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, legal or illegal drugs or marijuana.


Who has the best IPAs? WA, OR or others?

I have enjoyed Melvin IPA, but it is hard to find a date on the packaging.


Checking IPA Dates

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