A 6 pack of IPA can be costly.

It is expensive to experiment. It can be very tricky when there is not a date to work with on the can or bottle you may want to purchase.

With a dozen possible IPA choices, why go for one without a date?

The Crafty Beer Girls

Date Code Confusion

“Regardless of where the beer is coming from, I urge everyone to either enforce or demand legible date codes on beer. If you see a smudgy date code on your can (or no code at all), bring it to the brewery’s attention. If you can’t decipher a stamped date code, email the brewery and ask for an explanation (I plan to email Merchant du Vin). As consumers, we should demand transparency from the companies we’re supporting with our dollars. Being duped into purchasing old beer is a terrible thing, and I would think it’s in the brewery and retailer’s best interest to provide accurate and legible freshness information on packaging.”

Thank you Crafty Beer Girls.

I recently purchased a six pack of IPA and did not check the date carefully at the store. When I got home I found a confusing and possibly old date on the can. I sent a polite email to this brewery asking about the freshness of their product and providing info about where (Haggen 98277) and when I made the purchase.

They never got back to me. I will make note of that. I will attempt to support the breweries that offer fresh product and an easy way for customers to verify dates.

Today, I passed over a six pack of this product, because there was only an ink smudge where the date would go on the bottom of the cans.


Georgetown Brewing Co

These guys are making the effort with what is inside the can and offering an easy to read and understand date too.



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