The gray, damp, cool, marine layerish part of the summer seems to be over now.

Went to high school in Kitsap County in the late 70s.

We started drinking when we were about 15.

Fake IDs (completely fake-not made to look like anything real) worked about 50% of the time to buy beer.

We never went without since about age 15.

I notice that beer websites have an honor system these days. You must make up an over 21 birth date in order to study brewery offerings. Underage people who desire to view a brewery web site will be stopped by all this?

We drank underage for years with no help whatsoever from the internet.

Making mention of these memories is not to defend operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, legal or illegal drugs or marijuana.

There was a special mystique about Coors beer at the time. For some reason, it was not shipped to WA.

“For decades, Coors Banquet was only available in 11 states, none of which were in the East. Despite its limited distribution, presidents, celebrities, and everyday folk alike wanted a taste of the West. In 1991, Coors Banquet finally showed up in all 50 states.”

People would make beer runs and bring back Coors from Idaho.

Back in those days, each state could set their own minimum drinking age. Idaho had a lower drinking age.

We have been enjoying the Yellowstone series. I noticed they are drinking Coors while at the rodeo, out camping with the Governor, etc.

Went looking for some Coors today. The old school beers now have only a small part of the cooler shelf space. It took a little looking to find the right spot. Selection of cans/bottles/16/12 OZ/6 pack/12 pack is extremely limited.

Only original Coors offering was an 18 pack in 12 OZ cans. Brought it home.

The freedom talk is just for federal holidays and overseas military operations.

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