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“I went to the driver’s side door to get back into the car but when I tried to close the door the ranger stuck his ticket book in and it got mangled,” Hazelton said. “That set [the park ranger] off. He ripped the door open, took me by the back of my neck, grabbing my hair, and pulled me out, spun me around and forced me to the ground. With his knee in my ear he told me that I was under arrest.”

“Rangers who find a car bearing no Discover Pass will attempt to contact the car’s owner and give him or her the opportunity to purchase either a day-use pass for $10 or a one-year Discover Pass for $30.

If the ranger is unsuccessful, the car will receive a $99 parking citation.”

How bad will the Washington State budget crisis get before people discuss a different way of doing things?

Savings here could have paid for a few parking passes:

State auditor: Fort Flagler sewer project ‘wastes millions’

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Recent crackdowns elsewhere on the Quimper Peninsula-

The scent of marijuana triggers police raid-

“Port Townsend Police raided a house Wednesday morning, and learned by that afternoon the resident apparently had a license to grow medical marijuana.

About 8 a.m. April 11 police raided a home on the 300 block of Hendricks Street after the receiving a tip from passersby that a strong odor was emanating from the residence.”

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Pay to camp here overnight- but don’t get caught drinking a beer during your stay-

Law enforcement resources should be used to go after individuals who are harming others- not for policing arbitrary pre-crime scenarios.



Photo- early winter morning at Point Wilson, Fort Worden, WA