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We’re just weeks away from the grand opening of a new, $5.7 million 50 agent US Border Patrol station at Port Angeles- an area sharing no land border with Canada.

Still no justification provided by elected officials or the US Border Patrol for an upgrade in staff requiring the 50 agent facility- due to open in the spring of 2012.


We are told the #1 US Border Patrol objective is to stop terrorists. The US Border Patrol explains this objective at a local public forum- this YouTube video covers Border Patrol objectives at 3:50.


Post 911 efforts to keep terrorists from visiting the homeland- still unable to keep heroin out-

Waiting in line policy to show special biometric ID fails to prevent hardcore criminals from crossing into the US- even while packing large quantities of contraband. Maybe an enhanced driver license or U.S. Passport Card will keep terrorists out- they wouldn’t be smart enough to just ride on in with shipments of illegal drugs.

Terror watch lists fail to prevent illegal drug shipments from entering North America-

Preventing terrorists and terrorist weapons from entering the United States fails to stop heroin from coming in-

‘Uptick’ in heroin use seen on North Olympic Peninsula

Warrant issued for alleged heroin dealer

Warrant nets suspected heroin dealer

“McLennan, also known as Ashleigh Dodge, allegedly sold an eighth-ounce of heroin to an informant in Port Angeles for $140 on July 12 and 6.3 grams of heroin to an informant in unincorporated Clallam County just southwest of Port Angeles on Oct. 6, according to court documents.”

Narcotics team reports drug sentences for four

“Port Angeles police say they capped a nearly year-long investigation into heroin delivery with the arrest of a Port Angeles man.”

Sequim woman charged in heroin bust


Hey local reporters-

When can we expect to hear from you on all this?



Photo- looking towards the west end of Crescent Bay, WA. – Vancouver Island in the distance.