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DOD public relations nightmares roll on.

It’s been a tough couple of years out there.


In recent news-

Marine SNCO accused of sexual behavior with neighborhood dogs


Army Corps of Engineers can’t produce $1 billion of fuel receipts in Iraq

“The total amount of funds unaccounted for has now reached a staggering $7 billion, officials say — and they warn that the Iraqi government is likely to demand at least some of that money back.”


Marine GySgt beats up taxi driver



U.S. troops in Okinawa on curfew after arrests in rape case

Drunk Marine Lieutenant breaks curfew- then enters private residence to hide out. He later admits to trespassing.


Generals being investigated

All this while traditional DOD benefits are under review.


Credit to the US Navy- they hold their people accountable-

Navy commanders relieved of duty in 2012

Please compare to your US Department of Homeland Security.



Photo- The Pacific Coast at Ocean Shores, WA


Insists on dividing people up into groups– then assigning a separate value to each group.


Cheers on military forces that are not in the habit of winning decades of undeclared wars in distant lands.

Credits The Troops with defending American rights and freedoms- as if the US Armed Forces function as some sort of giant civil rights organization.


Stopped supporting a draft a long time ago.


Spends money on gunboat escorts for ferries on Puget Sound while terrorists are free to put their boat on a trailer and drive it onto the ferry.


Spends months promoting the idea of buying stuff to celebrate Christmas.


Brags about freedom- then goes with a control freak approach on individual liberty.


Lies about the stories associated with federal holidays.

Celebrates independence from a powerful central government.

Tries to make people feel guilty for not properly observing some federal holidays.


Talks about legalizing marijuana while including restrictions that leave prohibition and the drug war in place for adults age 18-20, those who want to grow a plant at home, possess more than an ounce, or possess marijuana from non-state sanctioned outlets.


Talks about placing high taxes on legal marijuana.

Dealers, traffickers and cartels are good with this idea.


Supports a Homeland Security police state that can’t keep heroin and cocaine out of the US.


Tolerates reporters who do not ask questions.


Tolerates politicians who lie about clean energy.


Supports a Drug War that places us all at risk.



Photo- Port Hadlock Transit Center



Perhaps four handguns could have saved thousands on 911?

Never Forget-

The US Armed Forces were irrelevant in defending American rights and freedoms, our physical security, & The Constitution on 911.

Ditto for all other federal agencies and departments.


How are terrorists kept out while heroin comes in?

‘Uptick’ in heroin use seen on North Olympic Peninsula

Think terrorists are smart enough to pose as drug traffickers- then cross into the US free of screening, scanning, pat downs, special IDs, inspection of personal items, etc.

Domestic heroin busts are reported as some sort of law & order success-

Each one is evidence that- 11 years after 911– the US Dept. of Homeland Security is unable to prevent criminal traffic from entering the US.


Conspiracy Theory-

More information is better- this is how science and medicine works. Over the years some people have been freed from prison based on new DNA evidence becoming available.
Are the people who took steps to discover that new evidence conspiracy theorists?
Apply this same curiosity and desire for knowledge to some controversial topics and you’ll be labeled a conspiracy theorist.

Why the effort to suppress ideas?





Soldier from Lewis-McChord held in Afghan rampage

The US has been operating for a long time now in an area of high religious and cultural sensitivities.

Lesson learned?

Maybe these guys are the most effective war protesters.


Men in Sheep Beating Video may Have Been Airmen


Koran burning incident


The military objective is to conclude hostilities as quickly as possible- right?

Are The Troops getting the message on this?

Why wear camouflage if you are OK with calling attention to yourself?


All this while we’re told the DOD is keeping a more careful eye on The Troops- reacting to record levels of suicides– assisting with mental/emotional health concerns, PTSD, Traumatic brain injury, etc.


Meanwhile, back home-

Post 911 efforts to keep terrorists from visiting the homeland- still unable to keep illegal drugs out-

JBLM soldier sentenced for waterboarding daughter


Abu Ghraib

When word came of the abuse at Abu Ghraib prison, government credibility was lost.

I never worked in a military prison. I can only imagine what proper procedures may require.

I served in various Marine units, stateside, peacetime & 2.5 years overseas ‘79-’99.

I was just the average guy in the average unit. Not guarding nuclear weapons, B-52 bombers, submarines, prisoners, etc. I never served in a war.

At a typical stateside, peacetime unit, watches were posted after normal working hours. NCOs were posted at the barracks to make rounds to make sure there were no fires, drinking, loud music, women staying overnight, people tearing up the place etc.

Something like a Staff Sergeant or Gunnery Sergeant (E6/7) or maybe a Lieutenant or Warrant Officer would be in charge of the whole battalion area after hours. These Marines would go check to make sure the motor transport lot was secure, no one was stealing diesel fuel, etc. They would check the personnel office, the chow hall, armory, work spaces, etc. They would check the barracks too, walking up the back way through the parking lot to see if anyone was drinking beer, etc. If they found something amiss, they would demand answers from the Marine posted at the barracks as to why he was not taking charge of the area.

There would be something like a Captain on watch at the higher headquarters and he would make the rounds too, so you would have several layers of supervision and accountability in place at all times.

A Marine on duty has no friends.

Anything goes wrong while you are standing “duty”- you will be held accountable- mess it up and you will pay.

When we went overseas we could not go out in town to drink beer without a “liberty brief” where you were told about local customs, courtesies, cultural sensitivities, how to get around without getting into trouble, etc.

This experience would be similar for hundreds of thousands of others who have served in uniform over the years.

I am thinking a military prison would have interior cameras- something like casino security and people of various ranks patrolling around to keep an eye on things in the wee hours.

What happened to the ancient military tradition of posting sentries to watch for things that are out of order?

The war in Iraq has involved operations in a region with huge cultural and religious sensitivities. How could anyone working in a military prison not be completely clear on the proper way to conduct business Re: military prisoners?

We have security cameras in our mini marts and casinos, but none in place to prevent international incidents inside our military prisons, or to counter the idea that people at the top had no clue what was going on.

Top level people retire.

Troops go to jail.