March 9, 2023 | By Thomas Novelly

Air Force Needs to Be More ‘Relatable’ to Attract a Gen Z That’s ‘Not Patriotic,’ Head of Recruiting Says

U.S. Air Force Maj. Gen. Ed Thomas, Air Force Recruiting Service commander delivers a State of Command briefing to the 360th Recruiting Group at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, N.J., Oct. 22, 2021. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Ryan Conroy)”

Recruiters meet at a casino in Atlantic City? Sounds serious.

“This is a very unique generation,” Thomas told “Generation Z is not patriotic, in the traditional sense; they’re also less trusting of government…”

Possible reasons for not being patriotic and less trusting of government in bold type:

School children are taught about a free enterprise system. They grow up to find out that the federal government will tell them what kind of shower head they must install in the bathroom, and what type of gas can they must buy for their lawn mower.

In the US, 18-20 year old adults are placed in a land of the free holding pattern.

Alcohol, marijuana, tobacco and firearms restrictions are in place for 18-20 year old adults. Is there any state where recreational marijuana laws remove prohibition for adults at age 18?

Doesn’t seem to fit with a society that can’t stop bragging about freedom, thanking the troops for freedoms, fighting wars for freedoms, staging military jet flyovers at sporting events for freedom, etc.

While the troops were deployed, federal law was signed prohibiting the sale of tobacco products to adults age 18-20.

December 21st 2019 KOMO News

Legal age to buy cigarettes, vapes raised to 21 nationwide

“Signed into law by President Donald Trump Friday as part of the new $1.4 trillion spending bill, a new measure prohibits the sale of tobacco products to anyone under the age of 21.”

Both major political parties are OK with treating 18-20 year old adults as second-class citizens.

Gen Z has also seen a US Dept. of Defense that was nowhere to be found on 911.

We haven’t won a war since.

Decades after the lessons of Vietnam, it feels like the people who run the Pentagon specialize in undeclared/unwon wars.

Understandable why young people and their parents and grandparents would take a dim view on all this.

Recruiters, generals, elected officials, political think tanks and TV newspeople are A-OK with a list of excuses for difficulties in recruiting. Low unemployment, overweight young people, COVID, young people on meds, illegal drug use, etc.

Alternative media is OK with asking questions:

Plenty of comments posted with the video above. Comments made by people who were not paid to read a script.

A sample:

“Being at war for two decades creating an entire generation of veterans that actively tell young people not to enlist while they’re being screwed over by the VA. We won’t forget what’s been done and we’re the best recruiters you could have.”


Jun 30, 2022 WCCO – CBS Minnesota

1:41 Reporters interviewing reporters from within their TV studios.

Back in the 1960s, TV newspeople had a different style of reporting and working to keep the public informed.

At 3:49 an interview with Maj. Sgt. Kor.

Rank insignia on uniform does not match rank description in WCCO TV news video. Weeks later, title remains uncorrected.

Maj. Sgt. Kor (thanks newspeople) tries to explain why people may have lost interest in the US Armed Forces as the GWOT dragged on.

After squandering DOD credibility for decades in distant lands, top generals are now hurting for people to sign up.


Less trusting of government?

Pick a decade anytime after the war in Vietnam. No matter what political party or personality is in the White House, Uncle Sam struggles to get veterans health care to work properly. Moms, Dads, Grandparents, and young people have access to this info.

Recruiting crisis for Uncle Sam? Elected officials and top Pentagon Generals earned it.

The military recruiting crisis was earned by the politicians, generals, and high ranking civilians who have been running the Pentagon over the past 30 years or so. The crisis is also upon us due to newspeople not asking questions going back to the time the Cold War ended.



The Dept. of Defense was nowhere to be found on 911. We haven’t won a war since. Has anyone been fired over this?

Since the end of the Cold War:

Both major parties appear to have been OK with undeclared/unwon wars and sending the National Guard to foreign lands on missions completely unrelated to their home state.

Every few years, no matter what political party or personality is in power, there are moves to modify what people thought they were earning in exchange for 20 years of unrestricted worldwide service.

The plan is to save cash by reducing the traditional DOD military benefits that were on the table when people began doing multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Recruiting crisis? You earned it.

Try for less blaming of a new generation and the Moms and Dads of today for any hesitation related to doing time in uniform. Time to take a hard look at what elected officials and the US Dept. of Defense did with the brand after the first Cold War ended in the early 90s and after the lessons of Vietnam were on the table.


Any college or pro football coach would have been fired a dozen times over

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How does Uncle Sam plan to attract young people to sign up in the years ahead?


Possibly of interest:

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Not asking about the oath of enlistment. Asking about what happens after the oath has been taken.







A symbol of newspeople not asking questions, and a federal government that is OK with undeclared/unwon wars and telling lies about freedom, then blaming young people and their families when they lose interest in showing up.