COVID-19 vaccine mandate to enter restaurants and bars in Clallam and Jefferson counties.

Love to see the press get out and interview people on various sides of this issue.


My take: TV newspeople tend to report only one side of the story.

Much of what we get today is sort of a press release style of news reporting where a statement is prepared by whatever agency was involved in the latest policy update, drug bust/federal grant money award, etc.

Newspeople post this statement as is.

A 5th grade book report would require more in the way of asking questions.

I want to know what various people are thinking on various issues.

Today, voices of dissent, and their social media accounts, are suppressed.

This whole structure brings government messages into question.


I think people could reject alternative media and be totally good with mainstream media, but it would require the family friendly, hometown pride-oriented local small town papers and TV news folks to try harder.


Olympic Peninsula COVID-19 vaccine mandate:

Dec 19, 2021 Peninsula Daily News

Fix sought for proof-of-vaccination lawsuit

“Dr. Allison Berry, health officer for Clallam and Jefferson counties, issued a health order on Sept. 2 that requires customers of restaurants and bars to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19.”

“The order, which took effect Sept. 4, was challenged in action filed in Clallam County Superior Court by six eateries in Sequim, Port Angeles and Joyce.”

“The plaintiffs are The Oasis Bar and Grill (doing business as Diamond Point Dreams), Kokopelli Grill and Coyote BBQ Pub in Port Angeles; Blondie’s Plate restaurant and Jose’s Famous Salsa and Salsa House Restaurant, both in Sequim; and Blackberry Cafe in Joyce.”


Dec 14, 2021 KONP


“A half-dozen local eateries have sought the injunction. They say it unconstitutionally targets a single industry and harms their freedom of commerce.”


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