Today, it seems as if the press promotes whatever message is handed down by elected officials and government agencies.

If the policy does not work to achieve goals, reporting on the policy may end completely.

Here is an example:

Puget Sound area shootings roll on.

WA voters approved enhanced background checks back in 2014.

The new requirements have had time to take hold.

Did the new requirements reduce gun crimes?

Has there been time for newspeople to ask questions?

I find zero reporting on how enhanced background checks have played any role in reducing Puget Sound area shootings.


Newspeople appear to show little initiative and curiosity in asking questions.

Would TV newspeople consider creating an interview setting where people from various sides of an issue are given a chance to speak?

The press release style of reporting does not allow for that. Is there any news here, that wouldn’t show up on a law enforcement facebook page?

JFK speaks about the role of the press and voices of dissent in a free society:


The press release style of news reporting means that a statement is prepared by whatever agency just created a new policy or was involved in the latest drug bust/federal grant money award, etc. Newspeople post this statement as is.

A 5th grade book report would require more in the way of asking questions.



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