Sept. 28, 2020 FOX 7 Austin

Friends, family say goodbye to Texas National Guard soldier deploying overseas

During the Vietnam War, US troops were sent to Vietnam.

Today, the Texas National Guard is sent to the U.S. Central Command Area in support of Operation Spartan Shield.

Newspeople post whatever press release is handed off.

A 5th grade book report would require more in the way of asking questions.

Is there any military emergency, national emergency, draft, or declaration of war, linked to this movement of troops?


The press is also good for telling everybody to get out and vote.

People could do a better job of voting if they were better informed.

Newspapers are suppressing online comment sections, getting away from asking questions related to public policy and telling us they need more support from subscription and advertising sales.

Got it.


JFK speaks about the role of the press in a free society:


4 Stories The Puget Sound Press Will Not Question Or Report On

News Reporting by Press Release

Port Angeles Drug War Covered By Press Release

TV Newspeople Or Paid Actors?

I’m not going to argue with you.

Growing Up In The Cold War Era

Men Died For the Right to Vote?



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