This item came in the mail weeks ago. It did not look like official government mail or tax info to me. It looked a bit questionable. I set it aside and forgot about it. Later, I read more on the web about this card and could not remember if I threw it out. After a thorough search, I found the card.

We have a local financial institution that we are very happy with. My wife and I both have accounts there. My wife activated the card at home, then called our Bank/CU. She was told that we would both need to go to the bank and both go inside to have the funds deposited into our separate (not joint) accounts. Months ago, when the stimulus check arrived, we were able to make the deposit from the drive-thru. Access to the inside of the Bank/CU is quite restricted now. We waited to enter the outside lobby area. When it was our turn we went in and were told by the screener that we would have to go in and sit down one at a time. Wife went first with the card. I went second. This Bank/CU has a very high reputation for efficiency and none of that changed today.

It took extensive data entry for the person helping us to complete this transaction. We both have had accounts there for years, and the stimulus check deposit was a simple & fast process.

The data entry required today was similar to what I would expect for opening a new account after moving to a new town or city.

The card came in an envelope with instructions and lots of fine print. None of this had been required to deposit a check from the federal government.

Love to see a mini-documentary with banking professionals to inform the public on how much more time consuming the card is compared to a government check of the exact same value.

Computers, the web, government, banks and credit unions have been around for years now. Why not keep it simple?  Why does depositing funds from the card seem to be much more time consuming?

Some people have been out of work and missed paychecks because of COVID.

Some people have missed zero checks because of COVID.

Seems odd to send the same bulk amount of cash out to everyone, no matter what their situation is.


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