Looks like the badass terrorists we are supposed to stay scared of aren’t trying very hard:

Out at the airport:

ABC News video: “An internal investigation of the Transportation Security Administration revealed security failures at dozens of the nation’s busiest airports, where undercover investigators were able to smuggle mock explosives or banned weapons through checkpoints in 95 percent of trials, ABC News has learned.”

Reaction mode- almost 14 years after 911:

“Upon learning the initial findings of the Office of Inspector General’s report, Secretary Johnson immediately directed TSA to implement a series of actions, several of which are now in place, to address the issues raised in the report.”


Homeland Security Vote of Confidence:

Video: DHS secretary: Lone-wolf attackers could ‘strike at any moment’

Welcome Home Troops

Thanks for your service



I still haven’t figured out how GWOT military operations overseas keep bad people from entering the Homeland.

Nation building for your freedoms-

Enhanced ID has been required to cross into the US since 2009.

If it works to keep bad guys out- how are cartels moving heroin into the Puget Sound area in 2015?


“James said western Washington might as well be the backyard for three Mexican drug cartels.”


1,000 kilograms of heroin gets past the US Dept. of Homeland Security and into several U.S. cities-

As always- the big law enforcement success story comes with zero reporting or questions from newspeople about why the proud War on Terror is unable to keep heroin out of the US.

More here:

US Border Patrol, Port Angeles, WA-

No cross-border USBP arrest has happened here in more than 5 years:

News tip/story idea

Heroin at Port Angeles


Don’t worry-

The Super Bowl and public affairs will be safe-

US Department of Homeland Security-

“…a department with more than 20 different agencies, a budget of more than $45 billion and a staff of hundreds of thousands of civilian, law enforcement and military personnel.”



ABC News video: Pentagon Inadvertently Shipped Live Anthrax to Labs in Nine States

Hot Potato-

Another cross-country trip for the possibly live anthrax:

“DOH spokesperson Donn Moyer said workers at the facility didn’t open the package and sent it back to the original sender.”


FBI Surveillance Air Force

FBI behind mysterious surveillance aircraft over U.S. cities

Heroin traffickers are frequently successful at what they do. If terrorists were just as interested in entering the US- it appears that federal departments and agencies would have no way to stop them.



What will become of our freedoms?


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