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US Border Patrol, Port Angeles, WA-


No land border with Canada.


Two total cross-border arrests.

No cross-border USBP arrest has happened here in more than 4 years:

No arrests linked to the US/Canada border since May 31st, 2010.


Still no justification provided by elected officials or the US Border Patrol for an upgrade in staff requiring a new, $11.9 million, 50 agent facility.


Port Angeles USBP station- grand opening:

“Jones asked a Peninsula Daily News reporter to interview only Border Patrol personnel selected by the agency and to confine interviews of selected personnel to topics concerning the station’s opening.”

No topics to be discussed unless pre-approved by the agency in question.



North Olympic Peninsula health officials ask pharmacies to stock heroin overdose antidote

Massing US Border Patrol agents at the southern edge of the Strait of Juan de Fuca fails to keep heroin out of Port Angeles:

August 4th, 2014

“We know in this county, we have a heroin epidemic,” Payne said.

Question for newspeople:

What role do 1,200-horsepower Border Patrol Interceptor boats play in keeping heroin away from the Olympic Peninsula?

“… their main interaction with the boating public: Boarding boats and checking for ID, getting a “vibe,” as Jeff P. called it, for what’s up.”


Why did the Blaine Sector Weekly USBP blotter go extinct?

Arrest statistics are secret.


Denied FOIA requests-

“The Border Patrol has refused repeated requests by the Peninsula Daily News — including those made under the Freedom of Information Act — for arrest totals for the Port Angeles station, which covers a territory that includes Clallam and Jefferson counties.”


Local USBP whistleblower investigation results in further suppression of information. A proper investigation will reveal the truth- where is the report?

Border Patrol whistleblower pays price for refusing overtime pay


Suspicionless checkpoints ended on the Olympic Peninsula in 2008. Suspicionless bus boardings ended in October, 2011.

If Olympic Peninsula USBP operations are being downsized, why have local USBP personnel numbers been upsized?


If one thing could change to make this situation better, it would be for the US Border Patrol to develop a working relationship with the press.

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Photo- Hood Canal scene