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The welcome mat is out.


The federal message:

If you have ever smoked marijuana- you are not welcome here- forever:

“Saunders also said some people who answer honestly a customs officer’s question whether or not they’ve ever smoked marijuana could also be turned away from crossing the border forever, unless they apply for and receive a waiver.”

Washington State border tough on pot, despite new law

Though this is a federal issue- state governors and the senators and congresspeople we send to Washington DC are free to work to influence the federal government in this area.


At the state level:

Getting physical over Discover Pass rule costs state $45,000 at Fort Worden State Park

Hurry up and sell another $45,000 worth of Discover Passes and it’s all good.



Taking the fun out of State Parks




Mt. Constance from Highway 101 at the Dosewallips River

March, 2012