Here’s a made-for-TV potential feel good story that leaves several basic questions unasked:

TV News Video: Vietnam Veteran To Receive High School Diploma

If he earned the diploma in the 1960s- why was it not awarded at the time?

Did he still have additional graduation requirements when he left for the Navy? How long was he in the Navy?

Were his records lost in a fire?

It doesn’t seem like the diploma was significant in whatever career he had- since he made it through the last 50 years without one.

Why did he wait around to tie up this loose end?

Several comments here made by people saying they are very proud.

His story would be easier to understand if reporters were in the habit of asking questions.

Eastgate’s family is overjoyed.

“We’re proud of him for graduating. He’s going to be a remarkable role model to his grandkids, and to his kids,” niece Nancy Boyd said. “He’s the nicest man you’d ever want to know.”

Coach the kids to believe that a diploma is essential to success- then point to someone who went 50 years without a high school diploma- and call them a remarkable role model?


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Our free and independent press has stopped asking questions.