All the fat, flavor & calories here.

Start the Weber using the chimney method. Make a not too big pile of coals and place them all the way over to one side. Add your chicken thighs as far away from the coals as possible and cover with vents open for about 15 mins. Uncover & brush Carolina Treet on the top side of the chicken, cover & cook slow for about 35 mins. Uncover, turn chicken over & rotate so pieces that started closest to coals are now farthest away. Brush on more sauce to cover the side now facing up. Cover & cook slow for another 40 mins or so.


For those outside of the N. Carolina area, you can order your sauce on the web. The original sauce is the one to go with.

Follow the instructions on the bottle and cook it on- If you put the sauce on at the end it will taste terrible.

Good luck people.