DSC_00077Here at US Dept. of Credibility we are fans of Alternative/independent media.


How did it get this way?

Over time, newspeople working for mainstream outlets seem to have stopped asking questions and doing investigative stories.

In many cases- newspapers seem to post a press release from whatever agency was in involved in various operations. Stories related to The Drug War and Super Bowl security are a great example of this.

Paywalls mean less people will read, share and discuss news articles.


Our free and independent press recently informed us on Olympic Peninsula US Border Patrol operations.

The article reads like paid advertising or something produced by US Border Patrol public relations.

Most of the photos used in the article were provided by the federal government.


JFK speaks about the role of the press in a free society-


Why did it get this way?

Maybe newspeople are confined by the bosses and the companies they work for due to loyalties towards elected officials, advertisers, big business, etc.

Below- we’ll post a few favorite alternative media sites- feel free to add your own in comments.

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We Are Change

Photography Is Not A Crime

Ridley Report

The Alex Jones Channel

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Working waterfront- Port Townsend