Part one:

DC Navy Yard shooting-

Security badge turned in at retirement:

“He retired in October from his civilian Navy job and turned in his badge as a matter of routine.”

Same badge falls into the hands of a bad guy & is still accepted as valid for military base access almost a year later?


Part two:

Mysterious Border Patrol traffic stops- away from border crossings and ports of entry-

No terrorists in sight- so there’s plenty of time to go after US citizens seen driving while Black or Brown.

Border Patrol to share records of stops on Olympic Peninsula

Only one comment following the above article at the time of this post:

“I wonder if I could illegally cross the border into Mexico and sue the Mexican government if I was ever profiled by La Policia?”

Love to comment on the web edition- but that isn’t possible without buying a subscription– so I’ll post my comment here:

The court action was initiated by 3 US citizens who were stopped away from border crossings and ports of entry.

Has the Port Angeles Border Patrol prevented any person from Mexico from illegally entering the Olympic Peninsula?

Any arrests linked to the US/Canada border?

Read about the post 911 Olympic Peninsula Border Patrol story here.

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