If you have any thought of doing 20 years in the US Armed Forces in order to make use of the traditional DOD military healthcare benefits that were used to entice people to stay for multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan- please read comments following this post.


Just spent the past 30 mins. trying to pay TRICARE annual dues on the web.

Keep getting directed to a new page that asks me to upgrade my account- then tells me I already have an account- then asks me what page I want to go to.

Extremely frustrating.

If the TRICARE payment option was as easy as ordering retail products/booking travel reservations, etc. on the web- you would never hear me complain.

Just trying to send money- that is all.

I liked the old system- write a check once a year and mail in time to arrive prior to the end of Sept.- never had a problem.

Take a look at what The Troops have to say here.



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