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Turned off the likes button after collecting too many likes from spammers/scammers or whatever they are.

WordPress does not seem to offer any way to mark these as spam/report them/block them, etc.

It’s been going on for a long time:

Nov 2, 2012

WordPress Likes Spammers

Jul 22, 2013

+1 for the suggestion to have the ability to moderate likes.”

Jun 19, 2018

Just as there now is a way to remove unwanted followers there should be a way to delete unwanted ‘Likes’ and whatever ‘they’ link too.”

Another issue:

Reblog button has disappeared from blogs


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Photo- Waiting on a wave at Fort Ebey


DSC_0003 We’ve been here for three years now. When we first moved in- we cleaned melted phone books out of the ditch because they were delivered to people who did not want them.


Send an opt in postcard to postal customers. Those who want a new phone book can check the box and have one delivered with their mail or to their home. Please do not dump phone books on and around mailboxes.




Possibly of interest: Opt out of getting a telephone directory

More here:

Appeals court rules against Seattle’s curbs on yellow pages

“As a result, for every household in the country, the default setting is still to get the yellow pages each year. You can opt out, but few people are aware of the option, and some critics say the lack of accountability makes the system pretty noneffective. My brother, for instance, who lives in Charlottesville, Virginia, opted out online and still had the yellow pages delivered from Hibu last month.”

Rant over.