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No problem with background checks for gun sales.

People should not be treated like sex offenders if they have done nothing wrong.

People should be free to go out to a safe, legal place in the hills with friends, neighbors, co-workers, people from church, etc. & share weapons for an afternoon of shooting without any sort of background check requirement.

Gun Owners Defy Washington Background Check Law as Rally Organizer Burns His Carry Permit

“There is not enough staff or funding for this program to keep up with the workload that has come in.”

Attempting to comply-


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US Department of Credibility




Photo- Port Townsend scene


Heading to a safe place in the hills, spending a couple of hours shooting at tin cans, cleaning up the trash and heading home. What Fun.


My ideal plinking spot is safe, clean & not too popular.

For years I made use of a spot like this on public land. Recently, the road into the area has been gated.


I have moved on to using some of the more popular areas. People are in the habit of leaving their trash behind in these spots.

I went up recently not for shooting, but to do a little cleanup at a spot that was crying out for it.

Planning another trash run soon.

10/17/12 Another trash run-

5/7/13 Another trash run-

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