Oct 27, 2023 Reuters

Maine police search river in manhunt for Lewiston mass shooting suspect

Tens of thousands of people in the area remained under orders to stay indoors for their safety while hundreds of officers extended a manhunt underway since the Wednesday night shootings.”

Oct 27, 2023 Boston Herald

Police settling into massive manhunt, evidence gathering operations with Mainers still under lockdown

“LEWISTON, Maine — Thousands of Mainers were still under lockdown orders Friday as law enforcement entered their second full day searching for a 40-year-old man suspected of committing a pair of mass shootings here.”

“As people kept to their homes, investigators and search teams made clear early in the day that they were settling into an expansive evidence gathering and manhunt operation that included hundreds of law enforcement personnel from across the country.”

Wondering if things will get to a place where the many LE personnel will be used to supervise/keep grocery stores and gas stations open. Will they ask for volunteers to do shopping so the mom with small children or the little old lady on the other side of town is able to get what she needs?

Good news:

“…shelter-in-place order that had previously been in effect since Wednesday in the immediate search area was lifted Friday…”

Oct 27, 2023 Yahoo News


Oct 27, 2023 Reuters

Maine police trawl river in manhunt for Lewiston mass shooter suspect

Officials ordered tens of thousands of area residents to shelter in place for their safety and indicated that the manhunt could continue for at least several days more.”

“Lewiston, a former textile hub of 38,000 people, and neighboring communities have been largely shut down since the Wednesday evening attacks to enable hundreds of officers to conduct their search. Colleges and public schools in the area canceled classes for a second day.”

Oct 26, 2023 CBS Boston

Multiple counties in lockdown amid manhunt for Lewiston, Maine shooting suspect Robert Card

Two entire counties are now under a shelter in place advisory, as the manhunt for Card continues. All residents of Androscoggin County, which includes Lewiston, and Northern Sagadahoc County are urged to remain in their homes, and make sure to lock their doors and cars. Police say Card should be considered armed and dangerous.”


Massive Manhunts & The War on Terror