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The Oak Bay Starfish take:

Trump came on the scene because Americans grew tired of standard politicians. Biden is a standard politician.

Here at Oak Bay Starfish, we are not part of the majority that controls politics at any level of government. Decades of voting indicates that more voting will not change this.

Living in a free and honest society is a priority. I don’t think our major political parties are about this. During long election seasons, there is very little news reporting and discussion about what the major parties stand for or believe in.

The DNC has hated Trump before during and after. People used to make fun of his hair or make cracks about his wife. The DNC has been a huge and successful political party. Clinton’s, Obamas, etc. Disagree with their policies, but they have been effective speakers and successful politicians. This formerly successful organization delivers Biden and VP Kamala Harris as their answer to Trump?

I am OK with Trump as a protest towards standard politicians, the uniparty and the ongoing breakdown of American society. The uniparty sucks ass with their wasteful and ineffective Dept. of Defense and Homeland Security spending.

Homeland Security Is A Scam

Trump is better at the border. Cartels remain in business no mater who is in the White House. The US Dept. of Homeland Security was created in the aftermath of 911. Is there any President since that time who was able to keep cartel product from arriving all over the US?


Cartel Moves 180 Kilograms Of Meth From Mexico To Canada by Rail

The Canadian Press

Police find meth smuggled into Canada through new Ford cars built in Mexico

“Police say they have busted an alleged drug smuggling operation where methamphetamine was being hidden in new cars built in Mexico that were then transported by rail to Canada.”

“Ontario Provincial Police say employees at four Ford dealerships discovered the drugs stashed within spare tires that didn’t match the cars.”

“Police say they found 180 kilograms of meth during the investigation.”

No CBP/GWOT inspection of rail shipments entering the US?

Welcome Home Troops

Thanks for doing time/risking your ass in Iraq and Afghanistan, working to keep a post 911 USA safe & secure.

Don’t worry-The Super Bowl and public affairs will be safe:

State-run media update:

Jun 3, 2020 DEA NewYork

Nothing gets past @CBP’s K9 units!

Nothing gets past @CBP’s K9 units?

Surely, a free and independent press will step up and ask for clarification on this wild CBP claim.

Hey newspeople, how did 2,224 pounds of meth tied to the Sinaloa cartel enter Riverside County, if nothing gets past @CBP’s K9 units?

Why is there a deadly fentanyl problem in Eastern Washington if nothing gets past CBP social media posts?

Not pointing this out because I am a Biden fan, just to document cartel activity prior to Biden entering office.

Lessons Learned?

Anytime there is a plane crash, a loss at sea, or an industrial accident, a thorough investigation takes place. Lessons learned are used to prevent future accidents. A major aircraft manufacturer grounds certain airplanes after mishaps. Time is required to investigate and find out what went wrong.

Any similar effort after a big cartel drug bust inside the US?

The folks who show up and investigate the plane crash don’t spend time congratulating each other. Their work is designed to try and prevent similar future incidents, not promote themselves.

Preventing drugs from entering local communities would kill the chance for various agencies to get publicity for the occasional big drug bust happening in those communities.

Precinct 4 SET detectives conducted the operation with the assistance of other KCSO detectives from contract partners of Shoreline, SeaTac, Maple Valley, Metro, and TAC-30.”

Wonder what was happening at border crossing/port of entry inspections during the 12 months Operation P-22 (to take down just one branch of the cartel activity) took place. Do the good guys who made the local bust notify the good guys at the border about the weak links in their process?

Were federal authorities at the border notified of this ongoing investigation?

Did the cartel traffickers get fast track screening at the border so as not to disrupt this ongoing investigation?

If the drug traffickers were given a pass at the border- would that have tipped them off as to the investigation- or would that have been seen as standard protocol?

Imagine that LE authorities observe a shoplifter or bank robber in action. Instead of going in to make an arrest they back off and conduct an investigation that goes on for months. What if they applied the same tactic Re: crimes involving arson, terrorism, child abuse, DUI, etc.

This time next year- will there be any shortage of cartel product in the Puget Sound area? Has any city, county or state jurisdiction been able to cleanup their drug problem using these methods?

Snohomish 2015

Local law enforcement agencies may benefit when the US Dept. of Homeland Security fails to keep heroin out of the US:

Seattle media: Heroin busts could finance police construction in Snohomish

Newspeople are good about posting a drug bust press release. Newspeople remain silent when it comes to asking questions about Homeland Security funding and performance.

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Lessons Learned?

Maybe a few more decades of undeclared/unwon wars and the freedoms will get better.

The uniparty promotes the idea that The Troops are sent to distant lands to defend American rights and freedoms. The press plays along by not asking questions.

Why do we speak of the US Armed Forces as if they function as some sort of giant civil rights organization?

Both major parties are OK with treating 18-20 year old adults as second-class citizens.

Both major parties are good with a land of the free holding pattern where alcohol, marijuana, tobacco and firearms restrictions are in place for 18-20 year old adults. Is there any state where recreational marijuana laws remove prohibition for adults at age 18? Are The Joint Chiefs of Staff working to change any of this? Not no, but, Fuck No.

Doesn’t seem to fit with a society that can’t stop bragging about freedom, thanking the troops for freedoms, fighting wars for freedoms, staging military jet flyovers at sporting events for freedom, etc.

May 28, 2020 WMAR

Salisbury Mayor deploying to Africa with Maryland National Guard

I am honored to do my part to ensure that the citizens of this community and all Americans remain safe and free.”

Several news sources published this quote. View them here.

The idea that sending hometown troops to Africa would be linked in any way with keeping the people of Salisbury Maryland safe and free calls for more discussion.

Mayor Day,

While the troops were deployed, federal law was signed prohibiting the sale of tobacco products to adults age 18-20.

Can you help us to understand the militarized version of freedom here?

December 21st 2019 KOMO News

Legal age to buy cigarettes, vapes raised to 21 nationwide

“Signed into law by President Donald Trump Friday as part of the new $1.4 trillion spending bill, a new measure prohibits the sale of tobacco products to anyone under the age of 21.”

The US should maintain strong and ready military forces.

In some cases, the US Armed Forces provide for our security. That’s as good as it gets.

In terms of American rights and freedoms- The Dept. of Defense has no more say than the Dept. of Agriculture.

Legal marijuana, concealed carry of handguns, semi automatic rifle sales, federal minimum drinking age, federal toilet regulations, sports betting, federal gas can regulations/free enterprise system,
voting rights, bump stock baninterracial marriage, gay marriage, tobacco sales, open container laws, etc.

Freedoms come and go. None of the above are linked in any way with The Joint Chiefs of Staff, The Troops, The Dept. of Defense or the outcome of military operations overseas.

The All Volunteer Force era has been a time to tell the American people that US troops are sent to distant lands to defend American freedoms. This urban legend has run its course. People have seen enough now to know this is no more than a marketing strategy. Uniparty newspeople play along by not asking questions:

School children are taught about a free enterprise system. They grow up to find out that the federal government will tell them what kind of shower head they must install in the bathroom, and what type of gas can they must buy for their lawn mower.

Did hostile forces in distant lands attempt to replace US consumer demand with government demand and end the free enterprise system?

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The country struggles with:

Cultural Honesty