May 19, 2021 Harper’s BAZAAR

Megan Rapinoe Is Still Changing the Game

“Money is the way our society shows people, especially in sports, how we value them,” Rapinoe says.”

“We know exactly what’s in a contract every time a man signs it. We never know what women make. Why is it?”

Some people would consider sports to be a part of the entertainment industry.

Various sports, music concerts, movies, plays, motorsports and comedy clubs sell tickets at different prices for different artists, acts and events.

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Never forget, this was the story that the media did not cover prior to the election:

Alternative media continues to ask questions:

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May 22, 2023

Climate Change Search Results

January 14, 2023

Internet was better 20 years ago

Google was a clean and simple search engine. AOL was there for those who were OK with the convenience of more central control. AOL steered you to use their internet connection, browser, email, their version of searching to find AOL sports, shopping, entertainment, finance, news, travel, etc. Every move you made on the web could happen under the AOL regime.

Today, Google wants you to create a user name and password. Register, sign in, and hand over your cell phone number for security in case you need to update your password. Google wants you to use your Google ID to sign in to an expanding number of sites on the web. If you are away from home and logging in on a different device, they might think you are a scammer/spammer and may take you into a tortuous process to verify who you are. What was the house number across the street from where your best childhood friend grew up? I quit. No more logging in for me.

Prior to the midterm elections, I went to the web and searched for:

Will midterm voters be angry about the stock market? and similar searches.

Is the stock market an issue for voters?

All I was able to find was predictions for future market performance.

Piss Off information suppression specialists.

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