Americans do not live in a free and honest society.

A weak-minded culture avoids asking questions.

American Soldiers Did Not Die Defending Our Freedom
by Jacob G. Hornberger
May 27, 2014

Decades of undeclared wars to defend American rights and freedoms?

Why do many Americans avoid questioning this idea?

Jacob G. Hornberger:

“…it is a testament to the power of state to indoctrinate the citizenry.”

National Guard

How did Nebraska freedoms get over to East Africa?

In the news:

Apr 17, 2023 Lincoln Journal Star

National Guard unit bound for East Africa gets send-off at Memorial Stadium

“There hasn’t been a more dangerous time in our world in decades,” Ricketts said, alluding to US rivalries with China, Russia, North Korea and Iran. “Our soldiers will be out there protecting our freedoms.”

Thanks for sending the National Guard to distant lands for our freedoms.

Recruiting Crisis

March 28, 2023 WCAX-TV

Vt. National Guard confronts recruitment crisis

“…the lowest number of total Vermont National Guard members in recent years. The shortage is worst in the Army Guard…”

Vt. National Guard Commander Maj. Gen. Greg Knight:

From my perspective, it’s a matter of marketing,” Knight said. “I think there’s a perception out there that the military is the last best option. …That’s a false narrative. …There’s still folks that remain uninformed about what it is the Guard is and what the Guard does.”

General Knight,

Decades after the lessons of Vietnam, it feels like the people who run the Pentagon specialize in undeclared/unwon wars.

Young people and their parents and grandparents may take a dim view on all this.

The people of Minnesota need more applicants to maintain a place to live and a regular job in their hometown area when they are not doing time in foreign lands helping DOD with undeclared/unwon wars and missions completely unrelated to their home state.

A few decades back, people might think of the National Guard as one weekend a month and two weeks in the summer plus a way to support your home state by being ready to get called out for floods, fires, natural disasters, civil unrest, etc. Maybe a way to help the next state over if they needed it.

In recent years, the National Guard has been sent to Syria, Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kosovo.

General Knight,

Are any members of the press available to show up and ask why the people of Home State, USA needed services in distant lands, absent any military emergency, national emergency, draft, or declaration of war?

Recruiting crisis for Uncle Sam? Elected officials and top Pentagon Generals earned it.

General Knight tells us that people are uninformed about what the National Guard is and what it does.

What the National Guard does:


April 15, 2023 KOCO

More than 1,000 National Guard members attend deployment ceremony

Task Force Tomahawk heads to Fort Bliss in Texas for one more round of training before going to Africa for “security operations.”


April 5, 2023 Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Arkansas Guardsmen leave on yearlong mission to train Ukrainian forces

NATO peace-keeping mission in Kosovo:

April 27, 2023 Fort Worth FOX 4

Send off held in Fort Worth for Texas Army National Guard members heading to Europe

Not specific to Armed Forces recruiting, but you get the idea:



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