Your tips help us report on threats to press freedom across the nation. If you are or know a journalist who has been arrested, assaulted, or been subject to a legal order, let us know.”

I object to any threats to press freedom.

In some cases, press freedom may be restricted by the employer of the newsperson?

There are daily examples of people working for family friendly, hometown pride-oriented local small town papers and TV news folks who avoid asking questions.

Years ago, I asked a local TV news personality a question related to public policy.

My question included no hate speech, insults, threats, foul language, attacking other commenters, or mention of any political party or personality.

I was blocked.

If a newsperson works in a safe environment, what prevents them from asking questions? Their boss?

4 Stories The Puget Sound Press Will Not Question Or Report On


Port Angeles

Local people find drugs and report to local (not federal) law enforcement authorities. Federal employees create news story and say that federal agents used a K-9 to “seize” the drugs.

Question for CBP:

Why does the news story created by CBP not line up with local reports?

Mainstream newspeople remain silent.

News links and Sheriff’s Dept. Facebook post here:

Port Angeles Border Patrol – Investigation Stalled For 3 Weeks?

Original blog post:

Port Angeles Border Patrol Agents Seize Meth?


JFK speaks about the role of the press and voices of dissent in a free society:


Newspeople can help us to live in a free and honest society. Asking questions will help to move things in this direction.

Manage it, don’t ban it. Online comment sections

I’d be more interested in paying (again) for a local newspaper subscription if there was more in the way of newspeople asking questions. Podcast 8 Senator Cantwell and the local press

A Free And Honest Society?

Do Americans have an honest relationship with the US Armed Forces?

Growing Up In The Cold War Era

Maybe Get Away From The Bragging About Freedom?


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A symbol of newspeople not asking questions.