I didn’t get a good night’s sleep on Monday night. I tried to make some changes on Tuesday and my sleep was much improved.

I did take a really nice walk in the woods on Monday, but I didn’t do a good job with my diet and water intake.

Around happy hour time I had a few beers, took a look at news and politics on the web and watched a few videos.

My video intake had to do with developments in Washington DC, news and commentary and people who operate cameras in public places. Anyone who follows me on Twitter would be familiar with what I post.

On Tuesday I checked out some news and politics in the morning and laid off in the afternoon. I did get out for a good walk again.

At happy hour time I had water and watched some videos from what I call my YouTube lite file. For some reason, I find it relaxing to watch videos related to small engine maintenance. The months ahead will bring a new mowing season and I like to learn about maintaining the equipment. The guys who do these videos are not about news, politics, or the troubles of the world.

I did a little better eating right on Tuesday also.

I woke up Wednesday morning after enjoying a good night’s sleep.






Looking towards the bluff trail.

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Two Bluff Trails