$49.8 billion US Dept. of Homeland Security nowhere to be found on 1/6/21.

CBP social media posts, post 911 surveillance state (fusion centers, license scanners, Homeland Security grant money, monitoring of e-mails, text messages, & social media sites, no fly/terror watch lists, Real ID, tracking of cell phones, etc.) and strict post 911/GWOT security protocols in Washington DC appear to have played no role in preventing these crimes:

Jan 6, 2021 The Texas Tribune

“Find a place to hide or seek cover”: A harrowing day at the U.S. Capitol for Texans in Congress


Back in September, DHS tells us they are ready with this state run media update featuring paid spokespeople.

When the news is created by federal employees, there’s no need to deal with any awkward/real questions from the press:


We’d love to see more in the way of newspeople asking questions.

State-Run Media/CBP Social Media Posts

CBP tells us:

Nothing gets past @CBP’s K9 units!

Nothing gets past @CBP’s K9 units?

Surely, a free and independent press will step up and ask for clarification on this wild CBP claim.

Hey newspeople, how did 2,224 pounds of meth tied to the Sinaloa cartel enter Riverside County, if nothing gets past @CBP’s K9 units?

Why is there a deadly fentanyl problem in Eastern Washington if nothing gets past CBP social media posts?


Welcome Home Troops

Thanks for risking your ass in Iraq & Afghanistan-working to keep bad people from coming here to do bad things.

Don’t worry-The Super Bowl and public affairs will be safe:


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Taxpayer funded message seen on local ferry ride.

Washington State ferry passengers are advised via PA system not to leave backpacks or packages unattended during ferry crossings.

Meanwhile-on the car deck-cars, trucks, vans, commercial vehicles, etc. are left unattended during ferry crossings.

On occasion, the press will do a story on a ferry security drill.

If the Oklahoma City bomber rolls onto the ferry-how does the SWAT team help out an hour later?

Washington State Ferry Ride