Post 911 surveillance state (fusion centers, license scanners, Homeland Security grant money, monitoring of e-mails, text messages, & social media sites, no fly/terror watch lists, Real ID, tracking of cell phones, etc.) appears to have played no role in preventing these crimes.

Good thing these guys were not part of a professional mercenary hit squad or suicide bombers with concealed explosives packed on their bodies. It looks like there would have been no SWAT team to keep them out or to have them show ID and pass through the metal detector.

What failed?

A second grade teacher making small children recite a pledge to a flag?

Did the loyalty oath wear off?


D.C. Gun Control – failed or worked?

Jan 6, 2020 The New York Times

Live Updates: Pro-Trump Mob Breaches Capitol, Halting Vote Certification

Police seized five guns and arrested at least 13 people during the violent protests involving supporters of President Trump at the Capitol on Wednesday…”


Did the sergeant-at-arms and multiple law enforcement agencies fail?

The sergeant-at-arms, who is responsible for Congress’s security, has told lawmakers and reporters that the Capitol is now secure…”



Gates appear to open to allow unauthorized visitors to enter:


Did the National Guard show up after it was all over?

Jan 6, 2021 WFMY

National Guard troops deployed to DC to quell riots


Dave Smith/Alternative media asking questions:


Washington State

Post 911 security protocols fail to keep unauthorized visitors from breaking through gates at governor’s mansion in Olympia:

Jan 6, 2021 KIRO 7

Protesters break through gates at governor’s mansion in Olympia



Not A Democrat Or A Republican

Safety valves being removed – Forcing a one size fits all society


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