ABC News Video: Long lines at new Colorado burger place.

From comments:

It’s Quarantine Time! There’s not much else to do, but sit in line, polluting the environment, and waiting for a hamburger. Why do things, like clean up your neighborhood, checking on the elderly and deliver meals, or just help those that are forgotten. Because “We” became “Me”.

I think people feel locked up and there is a list of things they are not supposed to do. Heading out and joining a random group to wait in the line wasn’t on the don’t do list. Looks like a nice weather day.

What if a person owned a hot air balloon and enjoyed taking it up for a few hours. They could be accused of wasting energy or having too much time on their hands.

Americans do not live in a one size fits all society. It’s a good thing.



KING 5 News Video

Whatcom County rally highlights frustrations with new COVID-19 restrictions

“The group voiced their frustrations with the governor, and the impact the increased restrictions are having on businesses and holiday gatherings.”

From comments:

A mask is better than a ventilator…

It’s not a mask protest.

Bars, restaurants, grocery stores and fitness centers had mask and sanitation protocols in place a month ago. They are not trying to toss masks. They are trying to stay open the way they already have been in recent weeks.

The mask guilt trip is for people who have run out of things to say in discussing this.


Americans do not live in a one size fits all society. The US does not function like one, giant military base.

Americans were never meant to agree on matters of a personal nature. This is why we have so many different churches here and people who opt out on attending services.

One Size Fits All Society Experiment

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