San Diego – Trump Boat Parade

Why all the energy for Trump?

People grew tired of standard politicians and a made for TV press that had moved away from asking questions.

Here in WA, protests became mob violence featuring arson, personal injuries, blocking traffic, property damage, destruction of businesses & loss of life.

TV newspeople still called them protests.


The Science


Here in WA, we were told that COVID-19 is a life and death concern requiring regular people to stay home from work while marijuana and booze sales are essential.


May 12th, 2020

The construction project wasn’t delayed by the coronavirus pandemic; it was considered essential since it was state funded.”

Got it.

The state took money from some people, and gave it to some other people.

If your construction crew is working on a project based on any sort of voluntary exchange or honest demand for services, you might have to stay home for a while.


WA Voting – Did the science say marijuana jobs were essential?

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