Oct. 21, 2020 Spokesman Review

Federal, local law enforcement warn of surge in illicit opioid trade in Spokane

“Our communities, our residents, our parents, the youth of our community are all faced with the growing and increasing influx of deadly fentanyl into Eastern Washington.”

The drug is often smuggled over the border from Mexico, where it is produced at a much cheaper cost than heroin and cut into pill form without any regard for quality control or dosage, said Keith Weis, DEA special agent in charge for the Seattle Field Division of the agency.”

Drug Take Back Event

“Local and federal law enforcement will hold a drug take back event Saturday, where those with leftover prescriptions can drop them off for destruction “with no questions asked.”


Drug Enforcement Administration:

National Take Back Day Results

Results: October 2019 18th National Take Back

Total Weight Collected: 882,919 lbs. (441.5 Tons)


Drug Take Back Day

A huge success for the legal drug dealers-they sold 882,919 lbs. of prescription medications to people who did not need them.


Voting is highly emphasized in American culture. Asking questions related to public policy takes a lower priority.

Are newspeople forbidden to ask questions related to Homeland Security funding and performance?

Billions of dollars are spent every 12 months to keep bad people from coming here to do bad things.


Newspeople Not Asking Questions

This story would be less interesting if the press would produce news reports and get in the habit of questioning the various agencies involved in combating the cartels.

A 5th grade book report would require more in the way of asking questions than what we have now.

The press release style of news reporting means that statements are prepared by whatever agency was involved in the latest bust/federal grant money award, news conference, etc. Newspeople post these statements without asking any questions.

Questions we’d love to see newspeople ask:

Has General Milley’s big DOD/cartel crackdown played any role in keeping illicit fentanyl from entering Eastern Washington?

April 1, 2020 C-SPAN

If a $51.6 billion US Dept. of Homeland Security was effective in keeping cartel product from entering US communities, why would General Milley want to announce a big DOD effort to shut down cartels?

Would the DEA be out of work if General Milley was going to act on his bold pledge to clobber the cartels?

CBP tells us:

Nothing gets past @CBP’s K9 units!

Nothing gets past @CBP’s K9 units?

Surely, a free and independent press will step up and ask for clarification on this wild CBP claim.

Hey newspeople, how did 2,224 pounds of meth tied to the Sinaloa cartel enter Riverside County, if nothing gets past @CBP’s K9 units?

Why is there a deadly fentanyl problem in Eastern Washington if nothing gets past CBP social media posts?

Have opioid lawsuits played any role in keeping deadly fentanyl from arriving in Eastern Washington?



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