Here is an altenative media update with some ideas about price gouging laws:

I lived in coastal N. Carolina in the early 90s. During my time there, a hurricane had developed and the community was potentially in the path of a powerful storm.

A letter to the editor later described a small engine shop that was charging too much to tune up & repair generators prior to the storm.

I feel like I understand why the shop wanted to charge more.

The small engine shop was staffed for a routine work load. Here comes a storm and an unusual number of people who may not have maintained their generators. The shop is not a NASCAR pit crew. If it could hire the pit crew it would have to raise prices.

Maybe trim your trees and tune up your generator before storm season.


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The area where I lived in N.C. was surrounded by fresh and saltwater areas that were very appropriate for a canoe.

I found a used canoe and separately, a used outboard. In many cases I would leave the outboard off and enjoy quiet paddling and much in the way of wildlife sightings out and about in the stillness of rivers and wetlands. I made good use of this rig later in California and in Washington State.

In the photo above I’m ready to launch at Twin Spits (N.E. entrance to Hood Canal) on a low tide day.