Life wasn’t meant to change after the big Saddam Hussein & Osama bin Laden takedowns.

Political parties and personalities are not as interesting as what stays the same no matter who is elected to office.


War on Terror

9 Mar 2020 Medill News Service

Senior al-Shabaab Leader Killed by US Strike in Somalia, Pentagon Says


Oct 28, 2019 Defense One

Killing Terrorist Leaders Gets Attention, But It Doesn’t Stop Terrorism

“The kingpin strategy provides instant gratification…”


The Price of Freedom: Americans at War

Iraqi Most Wanted” Deck of Playing Cards

Date: 2003

Because freedom comes from decades of undeclared/unwon wars in distant lands.

As the decades of undeclared/unwon wars stack up (The Department of Defense track record goes back to 1949.) the greater the cultural urge to glorify people who do, or did time in uniform.

If there is an honest reason to send people away into decades of undeclared/unwon wars overseas let’s hear all about it.


The people of Minnesota need services in the Horn of Africa for Operation Enduring Freedom:

March 5, 2020 Echo Press

Alexandria-based Army National Guard unit to be deployed this fall

“The largest deployment will come this summer and involves about 700 soldiers from the Mankato-based 2nd Battalion, 135th Infantry, who are expected to deploy to the Horn of Africa in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.”

Operation Enduring Freedom sure is spread out:

After 13 years, on December 28, 2014, President Barack Obama announced the end of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.”


Vietnam body count

March 2, 2011 The New Republic


“The relentless charting of dead bodies meant a relentless drive to generate dead bodies…”



Both major political parties continue to promote the idea that The Troops are sent to distant lands to fight for American rights and freedoms.

The US Armed Forces – A Giant Civil Rights Organization?


War on Drugs

Any shortage of cartel-sourced heroin, cocaine, fentanyl or meth anywhere in the US since the big El Chapo takedown?

Newspeople remain silent.


March 9, 2020 Texas Standard

Here’s What Life Is Like For National Guard Troops On The Border

“Guardsmen operate surveillance cameras along the border, reporting what they see to Border Patrol agents.”

Have these efforts resulted in any shortage of cartel-sourced heroin, cocaine, fentanyl or meth anywhere in the US?

Newspeople remain silent.


March 2, 2020 Auburn Examiner

DEA Announces Launch of Methamphetamine Initiative

Virtually all methamphetamine in the United States comes through major ports of entry along the Southwest Border and is transported by tractor trailers and personal vehicles along the nation’s highways to major transfer centers around the country.”

More here:

Zero Questions from Puget Sound Area Newspeople – Drug War Press Release


Feb 25, 2020 WCBD

Fentanyl-laced meth from Mexico poses new deadly threat, DEA says

“On a typical day, more than 70,000 commercial trucks and a quarter of a million private vehicles make their way across the U.S.-Mexico border.”

“That represents $7.3 billion in legitimate trade. But with only a fraction of those vehicles subjected to exhaustive inspection, it also opens a path for the Mexican drug cartels to flood American streets with methamphetamines.”

“Commercial cargo — trucks and other conveyances — coming to the port of entry is the perfect opportunity for the drug cartels to conceal and bring meth into the United States,” said Kyle W.

More here:

Border Wall Update


Waiting for the DEA to stop smuggling update:

March 5th 2020 KTVO

As meth deaths rise, Heartland awaits nationwide DEA effort to stop smuggling

Any newspeople available to ask why cartels continue to move product through US ports of entry in uninspected tractor trailers and personal vehicles?


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