$40.6 billion US Dept. of Homeland Security Meth Racket Rolls On:

February 20, 2020 KTVZ

DEA launches major meth crackdown as record amounts flood Northwest

Virtually all methamphetamine in the United States comes through major ports of entry along the Southwest Border and is transported by tractor trailers and personal vehicles along the nation’s highways to major transfer centers around the country.”

What will change after spending big cash on a wall?


Feb 25, 2020 WCBD

Fentanyl-laced meth from Mexico poses new deadly threat, DEA says

“On a typical day, more than 70,000 commercial trucks and a quarter of a million private vehicles make their way across the U.S.-Mexico border.”

“That represents $7.3 billion in legitimate trade. But with only a fraction of those vehicles subjected to exhaustive inspection, it also opens a path for the Mexican drug cartels to flood American streets with methamphetamines.”

“Commercial cargo — trucks and other conveyances — coming to the port of entry is the perfect opportunity for the drug cartels to conceal and bring meth into the United States,” said Kyle W.


Will US border wall keep cartels from moving product into New Zealand?

Feb 23, 2020 Newshub

Mexican drug cartels Sinaloa and CJNG could try to corrupt NZ Customs and police – report

“The New Zealand Drug Intelligence Bureau has warned two of the world’s biggest drug cartels could be trying to infiltrate our police and Customs services to corrupt their staff.”

“Now there is confirmation that the Sinaloa and Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) Mexican crime groups are supplying drugs to New Zealand, and police say they even have members working in Aotearoa as go-betweens with local gangs.”


Puget Sound area newspeople play along by not asking questions:

Drowning in Meth

Welcome Home Troops

Thanks for risking your ass in Iraq & Afghanistan-working to keep bad people from coming here to do bad things.

Don’t worry-The Super Bowl and public affairs will be safe:

Still trying to figure out why the Super Bowl features a large CBP/public affairs show of force each year, while a larger number of fans attend the Daytona 500 and the event is not used to promote CBP.


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A symbol of the Homeland Security meth scam and newspeople posting a press release instead of asking questions.