Voting is highly emphasized in American culture. Asking questions related to public policy takes a lower priority.

Getting ready for the big game, newspeople get their chance to ask questions. They play the role of federal law enforcement/US Armed Forces public affairs staff instead.

Annual Homeland Security show of force update:

January 24, Miami Herald

Super Bowl security plan is intense and secret. But drone pilots better stay away from Hard Rock

“He would not discuss specifics, saying only that “thousands” of officers and agents from “dozens” of law enforcement agencies will be collaborating on Super Bowl security.”

The Coast Guard will protect the shores with the help of Customs and Border Protection. Miami-Dade police will work the stadium the day of the game, though no one was willing to say just how many officers will be on hand.”

“There is no specific credible threat right now,” said Brian Swain, the special agent in charge of the U.S. Secret Service in South Florida, who is serving as the federal coordinator for Super Bowl security this year. “I’m confident in our security plan.”

No Credible Threat?

The War on Terror has prompted law enforcement authorities to calm the public by looking into the future and announcing that no credible threat exists.

If the good guys can tell what the bad guys will do before they do it-surely, these powerful crime fighting tools will be used to shut down gang and cartel activity, heroin trafficking, bank robberies, mass casualty shootings, etc.

Love to see newspeople ask:

If special games require special security-what keeps regular games safe? Crowd size/capacity is similar at several stadiums.


The folks who can’t keep cartels from moving product into Hometown, USA will be keeping the big game safe:

January 23, 2020 CBS4 Miami

News video:

CBP To Use Mobile X-Ray Scanners For Additional Super Bowl Security


January 25th, 2020 WPLG Local 10

News video:

Security stepped up on South Florida waters ahead of Super Bowl LIV

Love to see newspeople ask: What stops terrorists from going 2 states over and driving a truck across the playground at a daycare center?


January 23, 2020 WSVN 7 News

US Customs & Border Protection show technology used to keep Super Bowl safe

“U.S. Customs and Border Protection showed off its X-ray technology used to examine cargo arriving at ports of entry across the country.”

“This same technology will be at Hard Rock Stadium on Super Bowl Sunday and is a big part of the multi-agency security plan.”

“The vehicle and cargo inspection trucks scan for narcotics, explosives and other weapons at U.S. ports. They will do the same at Super Bowl 54 and not just on game day.”

Any shortage of cartel-sourced heroin, cocaine, fentanyl or meth anywhere in the US due to use of these advanced X-ray screening technologies?

Talk Of Border Walls As Cartel Moves 180 Kilograms Of Meth From Mexico To Canada by Rail

Newspeople remain silent.

October 23, 2019, Q13 News video:

‘The Pacific Northwest is drowning in methamphetamine:’ 17 arrested in major drug trafficking operation

Welcome Home Troops

Thanks for risking your ass in Iraq & Afghanistan-working to keep bad people from coming here to do bad things.

Don’t worry-The Super Bowl and public affairs will be safe:

Each year, at the Super Bowl, the US Dept. of Homeland Security promotes their own image Re: preventing criminal activity. Why do these impressive capabilities fail to keep meth and heroin trafficking cartels from moving product into the US?


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