I’m going to contradict articles that tell us beer is skunky because light gets to brews shipped in green/clear bottles.

Here is a detailed article explaining why I am wrong on this.

I’m not convinced.

Here’s why:

The skunk is known and desired by some.

Beers shipped in green/clear bottles taste just about the same when tapped from a keg or poured from a can.

Beers shipped in green/clear bottles are packaged in cardboard boxes/containers that do not let light in. No light gets to the brews until they arrive at the place where you purchase them. In many cases, you may take the beer home and leave it in the cardboard box/container until you put it in a cooler & dump ice on top.

Skunky flavor even when shipped in a can:


Similar flavor here:

Zero flavor here (skunky or otherwise) even though shipped in a green bottle:

Photo at top of page:

Illegal beer drinking at Kingston.

Dozens of taste tests of this brew reveal no skunky flavor.

Not even one time.