Sept. 27, 2019 Q13 News

‘You are lying’: Store owners spar with legislators after Gov. Inslee calls for ban on flavored vaping products

“Make no mistake they`ve chosen to use flavoring to addict a whole new generation to nicotine,” Rep. Gerry Pollett said.

“Governor Inslee acknowledged the huge impact a ban would have on thousands of businesses but he says public health comes first especially when it comes to protecting children.”


Oct. 9, 2019 The Seattle Times

Flavored vape products temporarily banned by Washington state board of health, to chants of ‘shame’

We are losing another generation” to nicotine, said John Wiesman, Washington’s secretary of the Department of Health (DOH), before casting his vote in favor of the ban.


Sept. 19, 2019 The Seattle Times

Vaping is big, but so are risks and unknowns: A look at the issues

It’s also illegal for minors to vape. (A growing number of states have even raised the vaping age to 21.) And using e-cigarettes may make teenagers more likely to smoke real cigarettes in the future.”

No word on the banning of real cigarettes so far.


Oct. 9, 2019 Reason

Muddled Message About Vaping Causes Costly Confusion

When there’s an outbreak of food poisoning, the federal government does not issue general advisories about the hazards of eating. It tells people which products have been implicated so they can adjust their behavior to reduce the risks they face.”


Here at Oak Bay Starfish, we prefer managing rather than banning.

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Now that the John Wayne generation is gone, you’ll find peach, honey, cinnamon, apple, vanilla & cherry flavored whiskey over at the liquor store.

Should adult products be banned because they may be harmful to children?