The US should maintain strong and ready military forces.

I question the ongoing glorification of military service and undeclared/unwon wars that never end.


November 17, 2017 Peninsula Daily News

Defending freedom: Marine Corps veteran urges telling of military history

“He said that civilians don‘t understand.”

“None of them have gone on long overseas tours away from family. They don’t realize what it’s like,” he said. “Think about that.”

“Stand when the National Anthem is played. Winning wars is the backbone of our history — be proud of the part you played in that.”


If only you youngsters were facing more long overseas tours away from family, then you’d get it. Because freedom comes from decades of undeclared/unwon wars in distant lands.

Veterans Day was stolen from Armistice day in 1954.

The Department of Defense track record for winning undeclared wars goes back to 1949.


Public schools make small children memorize and recite a loyalty pledge indicating liberty and justice for all.

Clearly, Americans do not live in a free and honest society.

September 27, 2019 Whidbey News-Times

Sound Off: Freedom doesn’t come free, and it’s sometimes noisy

“…the men and women of the armed forces guarantee our freedom…”

Same country that divides adults into groups of first and second-class citizens as they move towards enjoying their freedoms.

Alcohol, marijuana, tobacco and firearms restrictions are in place for 18-20 year old adults. Is there any state where recreational marijuana laws remove prohibition for adults at age 18? Are restrictions on freedoms eased by more wars?

Liberty And Justice For All?


Veterans Defend our Freedoms

Where did this idea come from?

The Dept. of Defense was nowhere to be found on 911. We haven’t won a war since.

Veterans are in the very best position to know that in some cases, the US Armed Forces provide for our physical security. That’s as good as it gets.

In terms of American rights and freedoms- The Dept. of Defense has no more say than the Dept. of Agriculture.


Lies About Freedom

One of the nation’s largest, oldest and most respected veterans organizations tells us: Veterans, not politicians, ‘give us the right to vote,’ observers at Amherst Veterans Day ceremonies told

Veterans give rights?

It turns out The Troops were in no hurry to enable all adults to act on their right to vote.

US Military operations conducted in the 1940s, 50s & 60s didn’t get the job done.

It wasn’t until July of 1971 that 18 year old adults could take delivery on one of the freedoms we hear so much about.

Hey school teachers

If veterans fought for our right to vote- how come women were not allowed full voting rights at the end of WWI?

Why the need for a 1965 Voting Rights Act if overseas military operations somehow secured voting rights?

Men Died For the Right to Vote?


If The Troops fight for American freedoms, why were black people still riding at the back of the bus after the big WWII victory?



Did the Joint Chiefs of Staff send The Troops to safeguard American freedoms?

Was it the Viet Cong that set up laws in 16 US states to prohibit interracial marriage?

June 12, 1967

“…an interracial couple who had been sentenced to a year in jail for violating Virginia’s ban on marriage between people of different races.”


Hometown Pride

“For the past couple of years, the Whidbey News-Times paid the insurance for the Veterans Day Parade, about $200, because it was a small way of saying thank you to the men and women who sacrificed so that we may have our liberties, including our Freedom of Speech.”

Were US troops sent to Vietnam so that Americans could be free to send letters to the editor?

Is there any case in which the US Armed Forces have been sent to distant lands on a mission to protect freedom of speech?

Is protecting freedom of speech even part of training scenarios?

Military Town – Hometown Pride



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How Do The Troops Defend The Constitution?

Not asking about the oath of enlistment. Asking about what happens after the oath has been taken.


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