Any credible threat prior to these crimes taking place?


May 1, 2019 Peninsula Daily News

Reward for information about FREDS Guns burglary triples

“The reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for smashing a hay loader through the front of FREDS Guns and stealing about 30 handguns April 13 has tripled to $15,000.”


MAY 1, 2019 Q13 Fox News

Reward up to $11,000 offered after 98 guns stolen from Kitsap County firearms store

The War on Terror has prompted law enforcement authorities to calm the public by looking into the future and announcing that no credible threat exists.

Several examples posted prior to last year’s July 4th celebrations:

NYPD ramping up 4th of July security, but no credible threats

No credible threat to Esplanade fireworks celebration, officials say

D.C. police chief: ‘No credible threat’ of attack on Fourth of July

Los Angeles Police say no threat to July 4 celebrations after Ohio terror plot

If the good guys can tell what the bad guys will do before they do it- surely, these powerful crime fighting tools will be used to shut down gang and cartel activity, heroin trafficking, bank robberies, mass casualty shootings, etc.

Elsewhere in the War on Terror:

Washington State Ferry Ride


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