A secretive, wasteful, and ineffective US Dept. of Homeland Security:

US Border Patrol, Port Angeles, WA

An upgrade in staff requiring a new, $11.9 million, 50 agent facility. Secret arrest statistics, denied FOIA requests, heroin in the community, no cross-border USBP arrest in more than 8 years, fraudulent overtime claims, 1,200-horsepower interceptor boats and zero questions from the press.

August 2, 2011 Seattle Times

Border Patrol agent says Port Angeles ‘Black Hole’

“The agency is building a $5.7 million headquarters at 110 Penn St. in Port Angeles that can house up to 50 agents.”

If you run a government operation- these are the reporters you want to see on interview day:

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Denied FOIA requests:

September 16, 2012 Peninsula Daily News

Response promised soon on Border Patrol agent’s claims about ‘black hole,’ misuse of federal funds

“The Border Patrol has refused repeated requests by the Peninsula Daily News — including those made under the Freedom of Information Act — for arrest totals for the Port Angeles station, which covers a territory that includes Clallam and Jefferson counties.”


Arrest statistics are secret:

March 19, 2014 Sequim Gazette

Agent counters allegations of ‘boredom’

When asked how many agents there are, Romero said there are 20,000 agents nationwide but did not give local figures.”

“In March, Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Richard Sinks declined to release statistics on apprehensions or detainments made by the Port Angeles station.”

“Disclosure of the arrest statistics from the Port Angeles station would provide those interested in crossing our borders illegally with information that could aid their strategic targeting of potentially vulnerable areas along the border,” he said in an e-mail. “To maintain operational security these numbers will not be provided.”

Go and ask the FBI how many bank robberies took place last year in Portland, OR. You’ll get the numbers. They won’t tell you that statistics/public records must be withheld because they would assist bank robbers if they were released.

Any other law enforcement agencies anywhere in the US that maintain secret arrest statistics?

Washington State Patrol shares DUI arrest statistics on social media here:

“Our #WSP District 8 troopers removed 1,429 impaired drivers from the roads in 2018.”

“Here is a breakdown of what it looks like in each of our 7 counties.”


An Ineffective US Dept. of Homeland Security:

Question for newspeople:

What role do 1,200-horsepower Border Patrol Interceptor boats play in keeping heroin away from the Puget Sound area?


“… their main interaction with the boating public: Boarding boats and checking for ID, getting a “vibe,” as Jeff P. called it, for what’s up.”


Heroin epidemic gripping Port Angeles


Port Angeles residents fed up with heroin problem


“Residents who filled the Port Angeles City Council chambers and lobby Tuesday night said they were fed up with the heroin epidemic in Clallam County and asked what is being done to stop opioid abuse and what they can do to help.”


Jail staff are now using medication to help addicts detox from heroin while in custody.”

Has Port Angeles CBP been able to intercept any inbound heroin? Even one time?

Newspeople remain silent.

Has anyone ever seen the press question the Port Angeles Border Patrol/CBP on their role in keeping heroin out of the Puget Sound area?

Possibly of interest: Operation Macho Swagger & Port Angeles Heroin


A dishonest US Dept. of Homeland Security:

The Claim:

Jan 4th, 2019 McClatchy Washington Bureau/The Bellingham Herald

Trump officials exaggerate terrorist threat on southern border in tense briefing

“Homeland Security officials are now saying that 3,755 known or suspected terrorists were stopped trying to entering the U.S. by land in FY 17.”

Questioning The Claim:

Love to see newspeople ask:

Did sending US troops to Iraq & Afghanistan play any role in keeping bad people from coming here to do bad things?

Have the undeclared wars in Iraq or Afghanistan played any role in keeping thousands of terrorists from showing up at the border?

Newspeople could have started questioning these big claims from DHS almost a year ago.

Jan 24th, 2018

Secretary of Homeland Security:

The US Dept. of Homeland Security “stops an average of 7 known or suspected terrorists a day – 50 a week- trying to come to our country.”

With such an impressive handle on US Dept. of Homeland Security performance- why do heroin-trafficking cartels continue to move product into various parts of the US?

Jan, 2018 Fox News

Meth, cocaine overdoses rise as Mexican cartels sidestep anti-opioid crackdown


Each year, at the Super Bowl, the US Dept. of Homeland Security promotes their own image Re: preventing criminal activity. Why do these impressive capabilities fail to keep meth and heroin trafficking cartels from moving product into the US?

Jan. 4, 2019 USA Today

Trump’s DHS requests more support from military troops along U.S.-Mexico border

Will these efforts result in any shortage of cartel-sourced heroin, cocaine, meth or fentanyl anywhere in the US?


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